Kiger Brand is known for distinguished, rare, and athletic mustangs. Discover the passion of owning a Kiger Mustang!

Kiger Brand is breeding for excellent confirmation and disposition.The Kiger horse forefathers are from the wild mustangs in Oregon, USA. Kiger mustangs are a relatively new wild mustang breed found only within the last 45 years! These mustangs have refined features, with beautiful full flowing manes, dun factor and smooth gaits much like Spanish horses. Kiger horses display intelligence, loyalty and a great depth of love. The Kiger mustang breed is willing and easy to train. The Kiger horse breed is very athletic and versatile for all kinds of ridding disciplines. Kiger Brand, is using Steens' Kiger blood line, the father to Spirit, Stallion of Cimarron. Kiger Brand has the son of Spirit, Donner's Kiger Spirit Diego. We have Diego's offspring for sale. With Diego and two other outstanding stallions, Chisom and Cabrillo. Discover the passion of owning a Kiger Mustang. An experience like none other.

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