Cabrillo Kiger Spirit aka ‘Rio’

Date of Birth: May 3, 2005
Sire: Chisom
Dam: Sierra
Rio short for Cabrillo, is a claybank stallion, born 2005. He is a full Kiger Mustang, out of Steen’s bloodline. and sired by our stallion Chisom. His Uncle is Spirit, Stallion of Cimarron. Rio’s first offspring hits the ground spring of 2013. Rio is an exceptional stallion in many ways. He has an incredible mind set, very intelligent, patience and level headed!! Rio is an amazing teacher in helping beginning riders fined their way. He learns everything you teach him, no task is too hard. He is a beautiful mover, very smooth and flowing! He has an amazing slow jog and rocking canter. He has a ton of stamina to go all day long and loves new challenges. Rio loves to trailer out ever since he was a young age. Rio rarely gets spooked. He takes everything in stride! Rio has a gorgeous, muscled out, well-proportioned body! He carries himself in a regal manner and loves to show off his fancy moves. He is charismatic. He is very loving and loves to be with people! Rio is gentle when breeding. Rio is the whole package one looks for in a stallion.


Date of Birth: April 1, 2004
Sire: Donner of the Steen Mountain – Full Kiger
Dam: Dollie – Full Kiger
Diego is our Full Kiger, Dun Stallion. He is the Son of Spirit, Stallion of Cimmaron and from the Steen’s bloodlines. Diego has a tan body with his very dark Dun markings, and incredible leg bars. He is well proportioned. Diego is fiercely proud and it translates into the way he carries himself. He is an exciting ride as he arches his neck proudly and is very animated in the front at a walk, trot or canter. Diego is a medium build he has long legs with the long pasterns that allow for his beautiful fluidity of movement. He has an amazing slow jog and canter. He is very smart with a strong personality. He is a fast and willing learner. He loves a good challenge. Diego loves being with people. He is very brave when out on trail. He doesn’t spook at much. Diego just started having offspring in 2011. He has given us very proud, gorgeous, levelheaded babies! His babies are of high demand!


Date of Birth: April 1, 1999
Sire: Steens Kiger Silverado
Dam: Dakota
Chisom is Kiger Brands premier breeding stallion. He is a full Kiger Mustang, claybank in color, with beautiful flowing mane and tail. He is from the Steens bloodlines and related to Spirit, Stallion of Cimmaron. Chiz is very Andulusian in body type, with great body proportion and confirmation. He is very smooth to ride and athletic in ability. Chisom is very majestic in the way he carries himself. His personality is one of his best qualities. Chisom is very loving, intelligent, super willing to please, calm, easy to handle and learns quickly. Chiz passes on his temperament, beauty, and body to his offspring. He is able to co-habit with his gelding herd, where he rules with fairness. Chisom is very gentle with the mares when breeding and thinks all the babies born are his kids. He has had over 20 offspring. We are proud of each and everyone, we have not been disappointed yet! These attributes make Chisom truly is a special and unique stallion! Chisom was voted Stallion of the Year.

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