Sierra Madre

Date of Birth: 5/1999
Sire: Kiger Don Somber
Dam: Davie
Sierra is a full Kiger Mustang, Dun, Mare. She stands 14.2 hands. Her offspring is usually around 14.1-14.2 hands high. She gives us babies with such perfect conformation and balance! They are very beautiful, fluid movers from the time they are born. Sierra’s babies are very trainable and fast learners. Her son Cabrillo (Rio) has been kept a stallion and is now one of our breeding stallions. Her babies are very smart,levelheaded and willing to do anything asked of them! She has given us duns mostly, along with a couple of clay banks. She is one of our top producers.


Date of Birth: 6/3/1995
Sire: Kiger Top Gun
Dam: Kiger Kitfox
Odessa is a full Kiger Mustang, Dun, mare. She stands 15.3 hands high, with a bigger build for our breed. Odessa gives us amazing kids, they are stunning conformation, beautiful heads, and flowing movement! Her kids are very calm in nature, willing to do any task asked of them. They are very brave and are willing to protect their own. They love attention! Her babies are big boned and tall, at 15.3 hands high. Odessa typically gives us duns, we have gotten two blood bays and two red duns, as well.


Date of Birth: 6/1998
Sire: Kiger Don Sombre
Dam: Shadybrooks Red October
Angel is a full Kiger Mustang, Gruella (grey) mare. Angel has been an awesome brood mare for us for over ten years. Her babies over the years, have exceeded our expectations! Angel gives us levelheaded, very smart, easy to train, gorgeous babies. Her babies are lovers; they will bond deeply with their owners. Angel’s babies have amazing conformation, with nice round shoulders and rumps. Her kids are one of our smoothest movers and will reach 15-15.2 hands in height. She has given us mostly clay banks and a couple of duns.