About Us

spiritcoverKiger Brand was first founded on a life long dream I have had to breed horses. I never would have guessed it would be such a rare and unusual breed, Kiger Mustangs. Kiger Brand was established around three years ago. Our primary residence for our breeding mares is located on three acres in Pauma Valley, CA. (Northern San Diego County). Our herd is comprised of four dun full blooded Kiger Mustang mares, which are first generation domestic. And two gruella (gray) Kiger mustang mares, one from the wild and one first generation domestic. Our majestic stallion, Chisom is a very rare color, claybank with the dun factor. Only ten horses out of fifty will be claybank. Chisom is first generation domestic. He is from Steen Kiger’s bloodlines. A stallion known for his confirmation and willing disposition. Steen’s is the sire to Spirit, Stallion of Cimarron, the DreamWorks animated movie. Chisom is Spirit’s nephew. Chisom is beautifully proportioned, kind, willing, athletic, loyal and loving. He is a stud like no other.

Kiger Brand philosophy is to put together confirmation compatibility with intelligence and beauty. The whole package.Breeding on three acres allows Kiger Brand to preserve herd dynamics, by having all the mchisom_about_us_pageares together with the sThus trying to emulated nature as best we can in a domestic setting. All mares are pasture breed and give birth in the pasture with the other mares standing watch. By raising mustangs in this environment we hope to preserve the horses natural instincts and allow the babies to learn herd behavior. The mare, Aunts, and Father are able to give input in the foals upbringing. The foals are able to interact with their siblings, playing and just being kids with room to run.

Kiger Brand is looking to connect the right horse with the right individual. We believe in and stand by our horses. Therefore we offer a guarantee that if you are not happy with your horse and the horse has not been damaged by you, we will buy back the horse at sale price.

Kiger Brand, also partners with quality companys and organizations that can benefit not only your horse but support maintaining the breed. We are proud to list them throughout the site and hope you will contact them or us with any questions you may have.