Advocacy for the Conservation of Mustangs
Contact your congress representatives today and let them know how you feel about legislation against harming Wild Horses
Find the name of your local representative at:

Other Links
Kiger Mustangs in Canada, Information, registry, and message board on Kiger Mustangs

This link will take you to the site of an amazing Great Dane breeder who also shows her dogs. This site can give you tips on feeding and choosing the right dog for your family and what to look fro in a quality breeder. If you have any questions about this site, talk to, she’s great!

Home now to Spirit and many other Kigers. It’s mission is to save the American Wild Horse by meeting their immediate needs of rescue and sanctuary as they create solutions to protect their freedom, diversity and habitats for generations to come. The Sanctuary serves to benefit people through direct experience with animals and the environment, thereby enriching the human spirit

Kristine Nesbitt offers communication and energetic healing for animals and their people so that balanced may be restored to their entire relationship. Her sessions may also include past life information, communication with departed friends, pet loss grief support, and holistic lifestyle suggestions. With over 15 years experience in the horse industry Kristine understands the unique concerns and needs of the discerning horse owner.
You can reach Kristine at:

This link is a women who has a special ability to capture your horses by photography. She is currently just starting and loves to do photography of owners with their horses and the horses alone. She has great ability and has wonderful ideas. She will set up special locations or costumes as well.
Check out her web page and see for yourself.